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 Thank you for your interest in contributing to our hospice. We are an independent nonprofit completely dependent on your  support. Your donation is tax-deductible.


 Making a donation is easy using the PayPal buttons on this page.  You have a choice of payment methods, including through your  PayPal account, e-checks, bank transfers, and major debit and  credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and  Discover). PayPal makes the transaction, and your contribution  takes place over secure pages. You don't need to be a member of PayPal to make a donation. You may also donate through Venmo. Our account information for venmo is: @V4hrch.


 You can also make donations the old fashioned way by sending a  check to 464 Maple Lane, Garberville, CA 95542, or, you are  always invited to visit us at our downtown Garberville office.


Dear Friends and Neighbors,


 For over 20 years Heart of the Redwoods Hospice has been helping this community face illness and death with grace and strength. Please help us continue our work.

We are an independent, community-oriented, nonprofit organization that provides free service to this underserved, large geographic area. Hospice services are an important part of our healthcare system, immune to government budget cuts because we receive no government support. HRCH is a non- Medicare funded hospice here to support folks who wish to "live until they die." A Medicare hospice requires a 6-month terminal diagnosis and agreement to end all potentially curative treatment. We are able to support a client and their family from the diagnosis on, no matter what the outcome, with no requirements about time or treatment.


  • We have a small dedicated staff that will advocate for our clients' needs within the medical system.

  • We help create and support a circle of care for the patient. We listen; we find practical solutions to problems like relieving pain and increasing comfort and the ability to function. To those left behind, we again listen and hold the people who grieve in that circle of care.

  • Heart of the Redwoods Community Hospice also has bereavement support and counseling available to those in need; this service has not only been utilized by families and friends of our clients, but also by larger community groups including school children when unexpected tragedy happens.

  • Our services are funded entirely by donations, fundraising events and sometimes small local grants. Not only do you, our community, give us money, much of the work that keeps us going is done by many of you, our committed volunteers.

Choose from the following  options. (If you would like to choose your donation amount, use the "Set By Donor" button. Enter the amount you want to donate.
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